This schedule is detailed for SCA Members and event participants. This is not the public Ursulmas Activity Schedule.

All times and events are subject to change.
Listen for the Crier during the day to learn of any significant schedule changes.

Doors open to the public at 9 AM each day and close at 6 PM.

The Thrown Weapon and Archery ranges are open to public participation except during tournaments. Public participation in Youth Armored Combat is available during special events listed below. Due to extensive safety requirements, there is no public participation in melee (hand to hand) combat events. (Really want to fight? Join the SCA!)

Save yourself time in line! To participate in archery, thrown weapons, or youth armored combat, print and complete the appropriate waiver and bring it to the Gate with you. Adult Waiver / Youth Waiver

The public is welcome to attend Opening and Closing Court.
Please be courteous; no talking, flash photography, or other disturbance of this solemn ceremony.

Ursulwyck Medieval Village - A Walk Through Living History is open all day both days. 


Time Heavy Fighting  Rapier Fighting Archery / Thrown  Youth / Family
10:00 AM  ----- Opening Baronial Court -----
After Court (about 10:15)   Bear Claw Tournament

Sponsored by MOD Andrew Williams, MOD Sebastian de Caen, and Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe
Crested Tournament (Archery)
Sponsored by His Excellency Baron Bryson
11:00 AM
Heavy Tournament
  Thrown Weapons Range Open to the public (9+ years old)  
11:45 AM   Rapier Open Field Tournament
Sponsored by the Barony of Aquaterra and Tyr Gullinson


  Ursulmas Archery Competition  YAC Tournament
1:00 PM   Cut & Thrust Tournament Open Field 
Sponsored by Feradach
1:30 PM     Archery Novelty Shoot  
2:00 PM   Crested Tournament (Rapier) Double/Triple Elimination depending on number of participants
Sponsored by His Excellency Baron Bryson 
Archery range open to the public  
3:00 PM

Rapier Double Elimination Tournament (Final winner determined by best of 3 bout)  

YAC Workshop - Come Fight! No Experience Required! (ages 6-17)

Best Dressed Bear Contest Judging

5:00 PM ----- Closing Baronial Court followed by Royal Court ----- 


Time  Heavy Fighting Rapier Fighting  Archery / Thrown  Youth / Family

9:00 AM



Archery Range open to public

Crested Tournament (thrown weapons)
Sponsored by His Excellency Baron Bryson

10:00 AM Bear Meat Tournament   Grumpy Archer Tournament YAC Mixed Melee
10:30 AM   Fish Ladder Tournament     
11:00 AM

Baron Bryson Crested Tournament 

  Thrown Weapons Range Open to public (age 9+)  
NOON de Noirville Tournament (Over 40) Grumpy Old Bear (Rapier) Tournament
Sponsored by Sable Rose
12:30 PM     The Quick and the Dead Corridor Tournament (combat archery)  
1:00 PM   Crested Tournament (Cut and Thrust) 
Sponsored by His Excellency Baron Bryson
3:00 PM ----- Closing Baronial Court -----

A Bear Meat or Bear Claw tournament is open to participants who have not yet won a tournament in that category.
Grumpy tournaments are open to participants aged 40 and over. The Bear Claw fighters shall be divided into two equal pools and continue round robin for all entrants. The top four will then enter into single elimination, and the final two combatants shall be decided in a best of three bout.
An Open Field tournament has two set timed periods (30 minutes each) with a 10 minute break in between.
Note that each fighter is assigned a number and both must report to lists when called ("#1 winner, #13 loser"). Fighters must wait for acknowledgement from lists to leave.
YAC (Youth Armored Combat) events are open to participants under the age of 18.
A novelty tournament has some play or scoring aspect that differs from a typical tournament, such as inverted, hanging, or moving targets, unusual targets such as apples on (foam) heads, speed rounds, or shooting through narrow openings designed to represent castle walls.
A fish ladder tournament runs for 45 minutes and the goal is to reach and score points in the third (top) pool. The participants with the highest four scores then fight in single elimination, with the final 1:1 bout decided by best of three.

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