Good Gentles all,

After deep consideration and deliberation among the event team and baronial leadership following low registration for this year’s Art of War, we have concluded that cancelling the event is in the best interest of all.

We did not want to waste the time and energy of the well skilled and very passionate instructors who have volunteered time and would expend resources to travel from distant kingdoms for anything less than a robust number of fighters with whom to share their skill and knowledge. We also considered those coming to learn and build relationships with others whose passion is war; and with low numbers one cannot have the kind of vigorous exercises of skill and ability that has been the hallmark of this event.

Lastly, we considered the dedicated staff of volunteers; and while we know they all are disappointed to end 10 years of dedication, they advised us well that this event had fulfilled its mission as was evidenced by the many war bands seen across An Tir, and the victories His Majesty's armies have enjoyed against the West Kingdom. As one of them noted, “It has been a heck of a ride, but we must recognize when the mission is accomplished and send everyone off to pursue new purpose and new missions.”

There is no fault or blame in the cancellation of the event; it has simply lived a life, served a purpose, and is no longer of service to our Kingdom and the warriors therein. For those whose passion remains focused on war, and who have already planned to be free that weekend, please join His Majesty at Honor War.

Our event registrar is dedicated to working with our exchequer this weekend to process refunds for all. Providing the US mail is reasonably swift, you should have your funds in hand in time to enjoy the weekend.

See you on the war field!

In Service to the Dream,

Bryson & Angharad
Their Excellencies Aquaterra

Dame Rosamund 
Seneschal Aquaterra

Jade Redstone & Elizabeth de Summerlege
Event Stewards, Art of War