Masonic Park Campground is located at 24310 Mt Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA 98252

GPS/Phone navigation tools may suggest a route that turns on to Quarry Road before you get to Granite Falls. Do not take it.
This alternate route takes a back road - not only is it slower, you miss the opportunity to pick up any last-minute supplies in Granite Falls.

The routes converge a mile up Mountain Loop Hwy, and at that point your phone will very likely lose signal.
You will need to watch for road signs and SCA signs when you get close.

  1. From I-5, take US-2 (East toward Wenatchee). 
  2. Take WA-204 to Lake Stevens.
  3. Turn left (North) onto WA-9. Turn right onto WA-92 (East toward Granite Falls).
  4. WA-92 ends in a T-intersection in Granite Falls. Turn left onto Mountain Loop Hwy.
  5. The site entrance is 4.5 miles from this point, and will be on your left. Watch for SCA signs.