Sponsored by: HL Ljufvina and HL Domenico:

Test your hunting prowess upon our wooden horse!
With spear in hand, "ride" down the lane and attempt to stick boars for points in this equestrian-style game.


  • All those that can safely keep one hand on the wood horse and one on the spear may participate for points.
  • Spear tip must NEVER be pointed towards a living target. Keep it pointed down or straight up, and hand-off appropriately.
  • Allow the competition overseers to remove targets.
  • Only one rider on the wood horse at a time.
  • Each target ("pig") will be worth different points, with the smaller pigs worth more. Traditionally, there are 3 pigs.
  • Each rider will be allowed 2 runs. 

Bonus Points

One additional bonus point will be awarded for each of the following:

  • Riding in full armor
  • Riding in historically accurate dress
  • Having someone other than the competition overseers push you!
  • Yelling a battlecry
  • Bringing another rider to play the game


In the case of a tie, competition overseers will work with the competitors to decide a tie-breaker.

Re-runs due to pusher error are at the discretion of competition overseers.