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All Animals find a hiding place in the woods and, once they are ready, Hunters enter the forest with their loyal Hounds to hunt the Animals.
There will be 2-3 Hunters and 2-3 Hounds per group depending on the total number of participants.


Hunters fight with a pike and 2 to 3 Hounds.  
Both Hunters and Hounds fight the Animal at the same time.


Hounds cannot speak! Hounds can only bark / growl / whine and point.
Hounds fight with 2 daggers.
Hounds are killed if struck once by the Animal in the head or body.
Arm and leg hits don’t count.


Each Animal has a certain number of Lives.
Only blows to the head and/or body cause the Animal to lose a Life. 
Arm and leg hits don’t count.


Bears fight with either 2 single-handed mass weapons or a great weapon. Bears have 5 lives. 


Stags fight with 2 long swords. Stags have 2 lives.

The Boar

The Boar fights with 2 short swords. The Boar has 4 lives.